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I have created a pseudo-company called 'Puddle Enterprises' which owns my domain name '', but doesn't do anything else. I also maintain the Bristol Canoe Club web pages.

Brief CV:

I went to college at Wadham College, Oxford in 1982. [ Just to really confuse things, another person also called Conor O'Neill went to Wadham around about the year 2000 too! We are different people. ]

I then worked at INMOS Ltd in Bristol, which was then bought up by SGS Thompson. INMOS is officially no more, though there is web page for ex-INMOS people at

I worked at Orange Personal Communication Services for a few years, also in Bristol.

I joined Æthos Æthos logo (web links now defunct), who are also in Bristol, in 1996. (Also known as Aethos for the benefit of web search engines). Æthos were bought by Logica Aldiscon (web link also defunct), in December 1998, and they are themselves part of Logica. Aldiscon is now officially called Logica Mobile Networks. This then became Logica UK (Telecoms: Radio Planning). Logica became LogicaCMG in December 2002. The team was sold to Xenicom in August 2003, and then Xenicom was bought by Andrew Network Solutions in Jan 2005. After a complex company history, this is now known as Omnix Software.

In April 2008 I started working for Hewlett Packard, in a team building a Digital Media Platform, for processing and distributing digital content for film studios and similar.

From June 2009 until February 2014 I worked for Oracle in Bristol, in a team working on the Business Intelligence tools.

From March 2014 I have been working at Softwire, also in Bristol.

In September 2017, the Bristol part of Softwire split into a new company called Ghyston, still in the same Bristol office.

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